About Us

The Academic College of Law and Science was established in 1995 by a unique association of academics, business executives, and prominent lawyers. The College is authorized to provide undergraduate degrees in law (LL.B), accounting (B.A), interdisciplinary studies in Public Administration, Government and Law (B.A.), and Healthcare Administration (B.A.).  In addition, the College offers a Master's Degree in Law (LL.M) and a Master's degree in Law for non-lawyers (M.A).

The College’s foundational vision is to create a warm and supportive environment for its students, together with the highest level of academic studies.  In addition, the College strives to provide our students will the practical training and knowledge to be ready for the job market on “day one” after graduation.  We are proud of our diverse student body and the environment of inclusiveness and tolerance fostered on our campus.  We take pride in the thousands of alumni who lead the country in a variety of sectors -- in the health professions, in government, in the courts and legal profession, and in Israel’s thriving business sector.  We are continuous working to enhance our programs to align with current needs and technologies and we work with our partners domestically and abroad to ensure our students develop the necessary tools to succeed in today’s modern, global environment.

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