Our Vision

The founders of Academic Center of Law and Science (ACLS) envisioned an institute that would provide high-quality professional training for qualified candidates representing diverse segments of Israeli society.  With the former deputy president of the Israeli Supreme Court and a world-renowned expert on Jewish Law, the late Prof. Menahem Elon at the helm as ACLS’s first dean, ACLS’s curriculum inculcated the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state as an integral part of the professional training offered.  ACLS still leads in its unique emphasis on moral issues such as tolerance and integrity, combined with a heightened sense of public responsibility. ACLS puts into action these Jewish and democratic values, opening its doors to broad sectors of contemporary Israeli society, from all walks of life.


ACLS plans to fully exploit the potential inherent in the synergy of its two fully accredited fields – law and finances – alongside newer programs, such as the recently approved school for Administration, Government and Law and the new Faculty of Health Sciences to be open shortly.

מועד הרשמה