Legal Clinics

The Legal Clinics provide the students with practical experience, combined with theoretical background.  The clinics are held as a year-long course, and entitle participants to receive study credits. Participants deal with the following issues:


1 Legal Assistance and Practice:  Students work in community centers which assist those of limited means. Assistance is given in civil law issues such as contracts and small claims.


2 Enforcement of Debts:   Students work in Execution of Judgments Office, assisting both debtors and judgment creditors.


3.  Assistance to Bereaved Families, Disabled Veterans and Victims of Hostilities:  Students collaborating with relevant aid organizations, assisting  those seeking legal information and help.


4The Rights of Persons with Special Needs: Students assist persons with special needs in a variety of fields including welfare, health, education, national insurance, housing, accessibility, etc. 


5.  Environmental Law:  Students collaborate with environmental organizations and legal divisions of local authorities.


7.  The Hotline for Governmental Integrity:  Students deal with information received from the public regarding allegations of governmental corruption and improper administration. 


8.Representation of Criminal Defendants, Suspects & Prisoners:  Students collaborate with the Public Defender’s Office, taking part in court sessions, jail visits etc. 


9.  Urban Renewal Clinic: Enables the students to thoroughly study and apply the Urban Renewal Plan 38 on reinforcement and reconstruction.


10. Assistance to Victims of Sexual crimes: This clinic comprises of a thorough study of the theory and practice of sexual assault and its implications.



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