Director General’s Welcome

  מר יהודה (הודי) ליברמן


Dear Students,


It is with a significant pride that we acknowledge nineteen years of academic excellence, almost a generation of a dynamic and progressive academic work, with thousands of graduates whom we meet again and again in key positions at home and abroad.


During your studies at the Academic Center of Law and Science, you will collaborate with leading and highly acclaimed teachers and researchers. You will also experience dynamic and innovative courses, seminars and professional panels, in some of which you will meet senior figures from Israeli Law, Economics and Academia landscape. All these rewarding activities are held in a supportive academic environment, aimed to enable you to find your inner voice and to implement your personal abilities.


We, at The Academic Center of Law and Science, believe that the power which comes with knowledge and high education, is a commitment of The Academic Center to its people, as well as a commitment of each and every one of us-students, faculty and staff- to universal social and moral values.  The  strive towards a positive change in our society is indeed the foundation of our philosophy.


I wish you all a productive and meaningful year,

Yehuda (Hodi) Lieberman, Director General


מועד הרשמה