Professor Ayelet Blecher-Prigat

Professor (Dr.) Ayelet Blecher-Prigat is the Dean of the Law School at the Academic College of Law & Science. Prof. Blecher-Prigat's research focuses on various aspects of family law, children's rights, inheritance law, and law and religion in Israel. In addition to her role as Dean of the law-school, Prof. Blecher-Prigat is co-director of the Center for the Rights of the Child and the Family at the College and a co-editor of The Family in Law Journal, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal (in Hebrew).

Prof. Blecher-Prigat obtained her JSD (2005) and LL.M.(Kent scholar 1999) from Columbia Law School. Her LL.B. (magna cum laude) is from the Tel-Aviv University (1997). Prior to turning to academic career, Prof. Blecher-Prigat clerked for the Israeli Supreme Court Justice Strasberg-Cohen and worked at Leshem Brandwein & Co as an attorney.

Her latest publications include: Echoes of Nonmarriage, 51 Ariz. St. L. J. 1213 (2020); Children's Right to Privacy, The Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law 363 (Jim Dwyer ed., Oxford University Press, 2019); Privacy within the Family, Law, Privacy, and the Surveillance Society 339 (Law, Society, and Culture Series, Tel Aviv University, Michael Birnhack ed. 2019) [Hebrew] ; Conceiving Parents, 41 Harv. J. L & Gender 119 (2018); Celebrating 40 years of TAU Law Review – Evaluating 40 years of Family Law Research, 40 Iyunei Mishpat 547 (Tel-Aviv University Law Review) (2018) [Hebrew] (with Ruth Zafran).

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